Newsletter – December 2019

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1. Video: i4Offshore partner changes the game with offshore wind foundations

The i4Offshore project builds upon the knowledge gained from the trial installation of suction buckets. In this video, two Mono Bucket foundations developed by i4Offshore partner Universal Foundation are undergoing tests in the Deutsche Bucht Offshore Wind Farm.

For Universal Foundation, this true offshore site is the perfect showcase for the Mono Bucket, as it marks the end of de-risking and the beginning of full-force commercialization.

In 2016, the Mono Bucket was designated as “above state-of-the-art technology” by German authorities. With Universal Foundation’s announcement of Step 1 in changing the game with offshore wind foundations, the vision is nearly implemented.

Universal Foundation, together with Siemens Gamesa, Aalborg University, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier and, seek to lower the cost (by 40%) of offshore foundation construction and installation and to mature the industrialized concept towards full commercial scale.

2. Design Process: Preliminary Design is Progressing

During 2019, the preliminary substructure design has progressed. Some activities will continue into the detailed design stage in January 2020.

At this stage, i4Offshore project partners have issued design briefs for the preliminary design of a concrete transition piece and a jacket of primary steel. A number of design briefs are ongoing, such as the bolt connection design. Furthermore, the substructure layout has undergone further adjustments in terms of internal arrangements and cable routing, whereas the jacket framing has undergone minor adjustments only.

Based on specific conditions of the test site, as well as the adjusted rotor size and hub height, the preliminary extreme turbine loads have undergone a revision. As the revised loads showed to be in line with the assumed initial loads, there has been no impact on the preliminary design of the turbine.

Olav Olsen and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) have initiated the load exchange process. SGRE is currently performing the first aero-dynamic simulations based on substructure super-elements and on wave load time series as provided by Olav Olsen.

The preliminary design of the suction buckets and the soil-bucket interaction models await the detailed outcome of Vattenfall’s soil investigation campaign of the test site.

In early January 2020, a design workshop will take place with the purpose of tying a number of loose ends regarding the general layout of substructure, cable routing and internals.

3. Site for i4Offshore test installation selected

The test site for the i4Offshore demonstrator installation project has been selected.

Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) and Vattenfall have until further decided upon the Hollandse Kust Zuid I+II project in the Netherlands.

The location of the test site is at the edge of the Hollandse Kust Zuid facing North West. The dome from i4Offshore will be installed as one of the last locations. Whereas the conditions are not the most representative ones as future sites will most likely be further from shore at greater water depth, the learnings can very well be transferred to upcoming projects.

In the i4Offshore initiative, Aalborg University is leader of the measurement and verification of the jacket.

“The site is well chosen for a demonstration of the jacket. The harsh weather conditions at the site will allow for a test of full load capacity of foundation and substructure in deep sea. Once the installation is fully instrumented, we will get readings about the foundation and jacket, which will be responsive to the structure. On account of the test site location, we expect at very strong set of data, which will enable us to demonstrate the i4Offshore concept under very harsh weather conditions” states Professor Lars Bo Ibsen, Soil Mechanics, Aalborg University.

The construction is to be designed and constructed before installation in deep sea. i4Offshore partners Olav Olsen is lead of design, Bladt Industries of production, Universal Foundation leads the installation and Aalborg University is lead of measurements and verification.

4. Meet the i4Offshore partners: Aalborg University

Aalborg University is a dynamic and innovative research and educational institution with an active commitment to international cooperation. All research activities at Aalborg University are problem and project-based and have an interdisciplinary focus.

Aalborg University supplies the I4Offhsore consortium with world-leading academic knowledge and know-how on offshore foundations, risk analysis and supply chain management of wind energy technology.

400+ researchers at Aalborg University (AAU) are engaged in decarbonizing the energy system. Wind energy research areas include e.g.: offshore geotechnics, foundations, substructures, turbine blades, power electronics, regulation of turbines and of blades and wind farms, and logistics in the production, installation and operation of offshore wind turbines.

i4Offshore is the perfect means for AAU to expand its prominent position in the development of the wind energy technology of the near future. By contributing to the creation of the next generation of turbines going from 10 to 20 megawatts, AAU will be brought in a frontrunner position.

The initiative unites the value chain of offshore wind energy technology in efforts to pave innovative ways for implementing offshore wind energy as the backbone of the sustainable, decarbonized energy system.

AAU is the lead of the administrative project management as well as the communication strategy of i4Offshore. This means performing tasks of coordination between partners of this ambitious EU-project, as well as academic dissemination and communication about progress, innovations and impact to a wider audience.

To learn more head over to our partner section.

5. The i4Offshore project presented in Brussels

The i4Offshore project was present at the 3rd Clustering Meeting on H2020 Wind Energy Projects hosted by INEA, the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency.

The objective of the clustering meeting was to create synergies between different Wind Energy Projects, which were at different levels of execution.

In groups, the representatives of the initiatives discussed the opportunities for the creation of partnerships and alliances. To close the workshop, the groups shared their main outcomes, findings and conclusions with the rest of the participants.

As well as i4Offshore, the wind energy projects COREWIND, PivotBuoy, ROMEO, WinWind, CL-Windcon, TotalControl, UPWARDS and FLOTANT participated in the event.

Read more about the project presentation in our news section.

6. Project Management update

i4Offshore presented at Wind Europe Offshore 2019

i4Offshore was presented at the WindEurope Conference. Jesper Moeller, Head of Offshore Balance of Plant Innovations, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy gave a talk about experiences from testing a full-scale suction bucket.

Furthermore, i4Offshore participated in the poster session of the conference and attracted many visitors. The poster is available for download.

Ever wondered how the suction bucket works?

Two infographics are now available for download from our website. One describes the technology behind the suction bucket. The other describes the overall project.

The infographics are perfect for presenting the i4Offshore project to politicians, stakeholders and the public in a graphic overview connecting the i4Offshore project to significant value for society aspects. They are available for download for dissemination purposes i.e. in the form of flyers, illustrations in presentations and in social media updates.

More infographics on main innovations i.e. the cable-in-pipe solution or the hybrid transition piece will follow over the course of the project period.

Great energy at the second i4Offshore project meeting

Project partners met in Copenhagen on 13-14 November 2019. NKT Cables hosted the meeting at the offices of Aalborg University Copenhagen. Working meetings for selected work packages were held as well as a general project update.

There were many interesting discussions among the project partners on the technical complexities and challenges of a state of the art EU #H2020 project on future #Offshorewind solutions.

You too can join the discussion on the topics on Twitter and LinkedIn.

7. Upcoming events

Wind Operations Europe, 5-6 March 2020, Munich, Germany 

Europe’s #1 show for onshore wind farm asset management strategy and operational excellence.

Go to Wind Operations Europe to learn more.

Offshore Logistics: Vessels & Foundations, 24-26 March 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This event delivers insights on the macro changes for the global offshore market. Focused and technical content will consider the developments in offshore foundations and floating technology, as well as their implications for the vessels and access sector.

Go to to learn more

WindEnergy Hamburg, 22-25 September 2020, Hamburg, Germany

WindEnergy Hamburg reflects the multifaceted dynamics of the wind industry along the entire value chain. Planners, manufacturers, suppliers and financiers to operators and service providers, onshore and offshore, leading industry representatives, entrepreneurs and giants of the sector meet at the international marketplace of the wind industry.

Go to WindEnergy Hamburg to learn more.

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