Project objectives


It is the over-arching goal of i4Offshore that, by the end of the project period, LCoE will be reduced by at least 43% relative to a 2014 baseline: from 140 €/MWh to below 80 €/MWh, at challenging sites. To this end i4Offshore will demonstrate a cost-effective innovative 10MW-class offshore wind solution and develop innovative optimization and evidence-based models for manufacturing, installation, handling and logistics of upscaled, virtual GW-size offshore wind farms. This ambitious overall goal leads to two sets of specific Objectives for demonstration and scale-up, respectively:

Objectives for Full scale demonstration:

  • Demonstrate and validate a gravity jacket foundation in a real offshore environment (subject to agreement with a wind site owner).
  • Develop and demonstrate innovative cable-in-pipe system.
  • Demonstrate fast assembly of jackets in a non-yard facility.
  • Demonstrate mass-produced nodes optimized by robotic welding.

Note: The Demonstration related Objectives will be addressed by one integrated at-sea, full-scale Demonstrator site (owned by Vattenfall, see Letter of Support) and installed together.

Objectives for Scaling up to GW sized offshore wind farms: 

  • Develop models for lean industrialized manufacturing with optimized modules. Develop innovative models and strategies for offshore logistics and installation.
  • Develop innovative methods for full scale O&M.
  • Develop methods for identifying bottlenecks to support a balanced implementation.
  • Implementation plan for GW-scale offshore wind farms using next generation turbines.

Note:  The scale-up objectives in i4Offshore are complementary to the Demo objectives and will be addressed in such a way as to extend the reach of the total project impact.

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