i4Offshore project terminated

Unfortunately it is not possible to continue the planned activities in the i4Offshore project and therefore the project is terminated from November 2020.

See our newest infographics about the i4Offshore project

Our newest infographics about the i4offshore project and the suction bucket are now available for download. Click on each infographic to learn more. The infographics are also available on our infographics site. New infographics will be continuously added.

Our Newsletter is out now!

Have you read our latest Newsletter about i4Offshore? In this issue: VIDEO: EUDP frontrunner project: Industrialized suction buckets stood the test at sea Design process kicked off Meet the i4Offshore partners – Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Minister of Energy visits Aalborg University to learn about energy research Project Management update – First i4Offshore project meeting […]

Video: Industrializing a game changer

Universal Foundation launched the 74-ton modular structure in a recent offshore campaign. It’s the result of a cost-out and commercialization initiative that introduces simplified fabrication and assembly methods. Coil steel and bolted connections replace heavier plate steel and time-consuming welding – significant steps in reducing costs and CO2 emissions. Watch video off the project (courtesy […]

Testing of the suction bucket foundation

An innovation project between Siemens Gamesa, Universal Foundation, Aalborg University and Fred. Olsen Windcarrier has tested an almost full-scale model of a suction bucket foundation for offshore wind turbines. The results from the project are used to adjust the suction buckets in the full-scale offshore wind turbines in the i4Offshore project. To read more head […]

Minister of Energy visits AAU to learn about AAU’s research

On 22 March 2019, the Danish Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate Lars Christian Lilleholt visited AAU in Aalborg to learn about AAU’s research in consumer data, sustainable aviation fuel and wind energy. 22 March 2019, AAU staff presented their solutions to current energy and climate challenges to the Danish Minister of Energy, Utilities and […]

Siemens Gamesa and Danish university to lead offshore wind research

A new EU-backed research project aims to lower the price of offshore wind. The project includes 15 partners and is lead by Siemens Gamesa and Danish Aalborg University. Siemens Gamesa and Danish Aalborg University will lead the new research project i4Offshore, which has been tasked with reducing the cost of offshore wind. The project has […]

Siemens Gamesa & Aalborg University partner to reduce cost of offshore wind

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Aalborg University in Denmark announced a partnership last month to lead the new i4Offshore research and development project, which will focus on significantly reducing the cost of offshore wind power through demonstrating and testing new technologies. As announced on December 14, Siemens Gamesa and Aalborg University will lead the Integrated Implementation of […]

R&D partners aim to make offshore wind even more cost-competitive      

The EU-funded i4Offshore project aims to further reduce the cost of offshore wind and test installations with a minimal environmental footprint Industry and academia are coming together in an EU-funded R&D project to make offshore wind one of the most affordable energy sources. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Aalborg University (AAU) in Denmark are to […]

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